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Release International Prayer Shields, Egypt, Pakistan


One mother recently helped by our partners, who has a strong relationship with the Lord, shared that ‘my dream is to raise my children in better conditions than my own; to invest in their education and their spiritual growth so that they know and live for the Lord’. Pray this will happen.

Number of Prayers 18


Thank God for the impact practical aid has on the faith of those receiving it. After a Release International partner built a concrete roof on one family home to prevent large rats getting in at night, the mother ‘burst into praise that the Lord has never left her in need, and that He responds to […]

Number of Prayers 20


Pray for Release International partners providing aid to impoverished Christians, particularly in the more rural areas of Upper Egypt. Pray the help will reach the families most in need this year.

Number of Prayers 26


Pray for the economic situation in Egypt which is having an increasingly adverse impact on Christians already suffering from poverty.

Number of Prayers 33


Pray for new believer ‘Hazeem’ who was recently baptised. His employers are mistreating him because of his new faith. Pray for him as he works out plans to set up his own food-making business.

Number of Prayers 37


Pray for Christians who have lost their jobs because of their faith and for Christian children facing bullying in schools.

Number of Prayers 39


Pray for ‘Azmet’ who will be responsible for leading this new church in Sindh (see previous day’s prayer). May the Lord give him wisdom and courage to lead diligently.

Number of Prayers 34

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Children’s Prayer Sheet

It’s not only adults who can pray for our persecuted family. Every month we produce a prayer sheet aimed specifically for children. Each sheet has specific activities and prayers which will help children learn more about how persecution affects children in other countries.

You can visit our Children’s Prayer Sheet page here.

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