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Release International Prayer Shields, Eritrea and Somalia


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To lift up persecuted Christians in your prayers and see God at work in their lives


Prayers For Our Persecuted Family.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to pray for our persecuted family so we produce a daily prayer shield which gives a specific need that you can pray for each day. You can see today’s prayer, plus those for the last 6 days, below. You can also sign up using the form above to receive our Email Prayer Alert which we send out whenever we become aware of a specific and immediate situation which requires urgent prayer.


Pray for God’s protection over church leaders in Eritrea: they continue to be a target for arrest and persecution because they are authority figures in society.


In March 29 Christians, believed to be 17 women and 12 men, were jailed after police raided a prayer meeting in Asmara, Eritrea. Pray they will be freed soon.


An estimated 220 Christians remain behind bars in Eritrea, many in inhumane conditions. Pray for their immediate release.


It’s now 20 years since Eritrea shut down most of its churches, outlawing every religion except Sunni Islam, the Orthodox Church, Roman Catholicism and the Lutheran Church. Pray for fortitude and fresh vision for God’s people in Eritrea.


Thank God for the transformation He has brought about in the heart of ‘Andrea’, a Somali who used to mock and throw stones at Christians before coming to faith herself.


Local churches are often afraid of Muslim-background believers from Somalia, suspecting them of spying. Pray for a change of heart and a spirit of hospitality to come upon them.


Pray for our partner ‘Abdul’ and his team supporting Christians such as Lula, Samuel and Amanda who have fled Somalia, and providing support, fellowship and protection.

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Release International Prayer Shields

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