Release International Prayer Shields, India

​ India Police broke up a gathering of 6,000 worshippers in Pandeypurwa, Uttar Pradesh, after extremists levelled false charges against its organiser, Pastor Santosh Jaiswal. Praise God that Christians in India are meeting in such large numbers.
​ India Pray for Pastor Ramesh Pargi of Sharon Fellowship Church in Dhadhela, Gujarat, India, who suffered severe injuries when Hindu extremists beat him unconscious for praying for his uncle in their village.
​ India In Tamil Nadu, police have told house churches to stop holding worship meetings – and to apply for a licence to hold prayer services. Indian law requires no such permits. Pray for wisdom for church leaders in this area.
​ India Praise God that five Christians in India accused of murdering a Hindu extremist leader in 2008 have recently been released on bail after more than ten years in jail. Two others were granted bail last year. The murder, which Maoist rebels admitted to, triggered riots in Odisha (formerly Orissa) state in which hundreds of Christians died.
​ India Please pray for retired pastor Patram Mangala, his wife Sarla and their two sons who suffered multiple injuries when up to 40 extremists attacked them in India. A court had just ruled the extremists had no right to try to erect a Hindu idol on the Christians’ land.
​ India Praise God that He is a ‘hiding place’ for every persecuted Christian in India – and worldwide – and that He surrounds them ‘with songs of deliverance’ (Psalm 32:7), as He did for the Johnson family (Yesterday’s prayer)
​ India Pray for Pastor Palathingal Johnson and his family in Rajasan, Bihar, India, who narrowly escaped death when an extremist mob broke into their home. Only the quick response of Christian neighbours headed off the attack.

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