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Release International Prayer Shields, India


Ask God to comfort and encourage our partners in India, AICC: the team recently lost a valued member, Sagay, to a heart attack.


Pray for the seven Christians falsely accused of murdering a Hindu extremist in Odisha, India in 2008: the death triggered the Kandhamal riots in which at least 39 Christians died. The seven, including Gornath, were jailed until a Maoist was convicted of the killing in 2019.


Pray for three Christian families in Devkupli Para, Chhattisgarh, India, who have recently returned home to farm their land after fleeing in May. They had received death threats for refusing to worship tribal gods.


In Chhattisgarh state, India, Bajjo Bai Mandavi, a widow who had suffered persecution for refusing to renounce Jesus, was found dead just outside her village recently. Pray that her neighbours will be moved by her strong witness.


A tribal group persuaded Maoist militants to kill Pastor Munshi Devu Tado after he led 15 families to Christ in Maharashtra state, India. Ask God to provide for and protect Munshi’s family.


Samaru, aged just 16, was stoned to death in India by extremists who objected to the teenager leading a church in his village in Odisha. The previous pastor had been forced out. Pray that Samaru’s legacy will be many people turning to Christ.


Sunita’s daughter (Prayer 24th October) was one of several young Christian girls to have been raped. A local church leader says Hindu extremists in India consider Christians soft targets and deliberately seek them out. Pray for justice and protection for these girls.

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