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Release International Prayer Shields, India

Christmas Eve

As we wait expectantly for the coming of our King, let’s pray that we and our persecuted church family will prepare our hearts and minds to be ready to receive all that He has for us.


Pray that the gospel will reach many more communities across India. And pray for wisdom and protection for Christians sharing God’s word in this nation.


In India, on the same day in May that Karnataka state passed anti-conversion laws, Hindu nationalists accused Pastor V. Kuriyachan and his wife, Selenamma, of illegally converting more than 1,000 tribal Hindus. Pray that charges will be dropped.


Pray for a church in Geltua, Odisha state in India: officials ordered believers to stop gathering and sealed the building. Hindu nationalists accused Christians of illegal conversions.


Police in Uttar Pradesh, India arrested and beat Pastor Pravesh Kumar after he was heard singing Christian songs. Pray for justice: threats have deterred him from lodging a formal complaint.


When Munshi started holding Christian services outside his village in India, Hindu extremists killed him. Pray for his wife, Jaini, and four young children: they have fled and been unable to return.


In India, six Christian women in Uttar Pradesh were detained for ‘forced conversion’ – after extremists objected to them pausing to pray before cutting the cake at a birthday party. Pray for their release.

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