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Release International Prayer Shields: India, Algeria and Afghanistan


Several states in India have recently passed new, stricter ‘anti-conversion’ legislation. Ask God to strengthen His people in India as the legislation has emboldened Hindu radicals to abuse the laws and persecute Christians with impunity.


Pray for Christians in India as they endure increasing persecution, and pray that their faithful witness will draw many others to Christ.


Pray for an end to the government campaign to close churches in Algeria. Pray that churches will be able to reopen soon and renew their witness to their communities.


Pray for ‘Ahmed’ who was recently sentenced in Algeria to six months in prison for church activities intended to ‘undermine the faith of a Muslim’. Ahmed has suffered years of persecution and the breakdown of his marriage since he came to Christ.


Pray for the overcoming faith of the Algerian church. One church leader said church closures have ‘helped the Algerian church to free itself from fear. Even through this persecution, we have many opportunities to testify in police stations, courts, and in many other places.’


Pray for the congregations of three churches in the Oran area which were sealed by Algerian authorities in July. Sixteen churches have been forcibly shut since 2017.


Please pray for Release partners who are providing radio broadcasts in local Afghan languages, Christian literature and discipleship materials for new believers. Ask God to protect their ministry.

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