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Release International Prayer Shields, India and Uganda


Pray for justice for three Indian nationals and a South Korean Christian accused of ‘fraudulent conversion’ in Uttar Pradesh. The four were arrested in December after distributing food to those badly affected by coronavirus restrictions.


Hospitals in India allegedly refused to treat Leela Bai after her miscarriage because militants had apparently put pressure on them. Pray for an end to the collusion and fear that leave Christians isolated.


Pray for justice for the tribal Christians in India whom Hindu extremists attacked in Dewada, accusing them of forced conversion. Local police allegedly tried to dissuade them from pressing charges.


Pray for Leela Bai, who miscarried eight months into her pregnancy after she was attacked in India by Hindu extremists in Dewada, Madhya Pradesh. She had tried to intervene when the mob began attacking other Christians.


Police failed to stop a fierce attack by Hindu extremists on Heavenly Gospel Mission Church in Uttar Pradesh. Officers then beat and arrested the Christians on suspicion of forced conversion. Pray for justice for this congregation in India.


Continue to pray for two teenagers in Uganda, ‘Shamil’ and ‘Joshua’, who have resolved to follow Christ even after their father beat them.


As Christians in the UK pray outside today in our All Out for God event, please pray for Christians in Uganda and worldwide who cannot practise their faith in freedom.

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