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Release International Prayer Shields, India, Uganda, Libya


Pray for Indrakla and her family in Uttar Pradesh, India. They have suffered assaults and threats since Indrakla and five others were arrested at her son’s birthday party on false accusations of forced conversion.


Evangelistic work in Libya is strictly opposed. Pray that the word of God will spread through this nation and revive a thirsty land.


The death sentence for apostasy is based on a law rescinded by the current Parliament based in Tobruk, yet courts can choose which laws apply in their jurisdiction. Pray that apostasy will be decriminalised across Libya.


Pray for a believer with a Muslim background who was recently sentenced to death for apostasy by an appeals court in western Libya. He has refused to deny Christ.


Ask God to sustain believers in war-torn Libya, who cannot practise their faith openly. Pray that they will know His peace that transcends all understanding.


Pray for Shadia Namuzungu from Kibuku district, Uganda, who was attacked two days after she put her faith in Christ. She had been healed of a chronic stomach problem. Her crops and home were also damaged.


On Mother’s Day, let’s remember mothers worldwide who have chosen Christ over a comfortable life for their children. Ask God to remind them he keeps ‘his covenant of love to a thousand generations’ (Deuteronomy 7:9).

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