Release International Prayer Shields, Indonesia and Eritrea

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Indonesia Pray for Wenny Hudojo who lost her sons, Nathan and Evan, when suicide bombers in Indonesia targeted St Mary’s Church in Surabaya. Wenny was seriously injured and remains in pain.

Indonesia Please continue to pray for those still struggling to come to terms with bereavement or injury in Indonesia after the suicide bombings of three churches in Surabaya, East Java, in May 2018. Some people are still requiring medical treatment.

Eritrea Continue to pray for the many Eritrean Christians who have been behind bars for more than ten years, including Twen Theodros, Mussie Eyob, Mussie Ezaz and Dr Kiflu Gebremeskel.

Eritrea The number of Christians imprisoned in Eritrea rose last year to about 400, as hopes for an easing of persecution following a peace deal with Ethiopia faded. Pray these hopes will be realised.

Eritrea Eighty people were arrested in the Godaif district of Asmara in Eritrea in August. Pray that this church community will grow in faith and unity.

Eritrea Eritrean officials arrested about 500 Christians in multiple raids in June. Pray especially for 45 believers thought to have been detained in Agordat, a notoriously hot, inhospitable place.

Eritrea Many Eritrean Christians have already spent years in refugee camps in Ethiopia where they meet for worship in large numbers. Pray that many other refugees will see God’s love in them and turn to Christ.

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