Release International Prayer Shields: Indonesia and Pakistan


Police, local officials, neighbours and Muslim clerics interrupted services at a church in Central Java, Indonesia. Now neighbours have put up posters calling on the Government to close it. Pray for wisdom for church leaders.


On Bangka Island, in northern Indonesia, protesters stopped the construction of a church building that had been approved five months earlier. Pray that building work can resume.


Pray for members of the Pillar Asih Protestant Church in Bekasi City, Indonesia who had been using an empty building for worship until Muslim neighbours persuaded police to stop the meetings.


Pray for the Indonesia Bethel Church whose building permit has been revoked by the mayor of Tanjung Pinang on Bintan Island. He had previously seemed supportive of the church.


Several long-established churches have been forced to close due to pressure from Islamist groups in Indonesia. Pray that their members will find fresh ways to enjoy fellowship.


Pray for the protection of Pakistani Christians and ask God to give them the grace, wisdom and favour to be able to live peaceably with their neighbours.


Pray that Pakistan’s government officials and military leaders will defend the constitutional rights of Christians and other minority groups.

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