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Release International Prayer Shields, Iran

📷 Iran

Praise God for the powerful way He has used the ministry of Morteza and Arezou in Turkey to bring many people to Christ, since persecution forced them to flee Iran.

📷 Iran

Continue to pray that the Iranian authorities will come to uphold religious freedom and begin to recognise the church as a force for social good.

📷 Iran

Pray that God will use Christian inmates of Iranian prisons such as Evin to speak of His great love for every prisoner.

📷 28 January 2020 – Iran

Pray for Saheb Fadaie (also known as Zaman), co-defendant of Fatemeh, who also refused to renounce his faith at his appeal hearing. He is serving a ten-year prison sentence for church activities in Iran.

📷 Iran

Praise God for the bold witness of Fatemeh (also known as Ailar) Bakhteri who is serving a one-year sentence in Evin Prison in Iran. She refused to renounce Christ, despite appeal judges putting heavy pressure on her to do so.

📷 Iran

Continue to pray for Pastor Victor bet Tamraz, his wife Shamiram Issavi Khabizeh, their son Ramiel and three other Christians arrested with them in Iran: all have appealed against their prison sentences, some of which are lengthy.

📷 Iran

Ebrahim Firouzi was released in October, after more than six years in jail. Pray that his faith stays strong as he starts two years’ internal exile, to complete his sentence in Iran.

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