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Release International Prayer Shields, Iran


Pray for church leader Fariba Dalir who is newly wed and now serving a two-year sentence in Iran for ‘acting against national security’. She was detained in Tehran in July 2021 and jailed this April.


Pray for Rahmat Rostamipour who was detained in Iran after being arrested at his home in Anzali in April. His wife, Azar, was interrogated for several hours. Pray that no charges will be brought and that Rahmat will be released.


Two Christian converts in Iran, Abbas Souri and Maryam Mohammadi, arrested with Anooshavan (yesterdays prayer) have been told they will be ‘deprived of social rights’ for ten years, including employment, banned from foreign travel for two years and sent into internal exile for two years. Pray that their appeal will be successful.


Pray for Anooshavan Avedian, an Iranian-Armenian Christian leader who has recently been sentenced to ten years in prison for leading ‘an illegal group’. He plans to appeal.


Pray that the Iranian authorities will come to recognise that religious minorities are no threat to state security and, instead, are a force for good in society.


Pray for the many believers serving time in Iranian prisons. Ask God to sustain and strengthen them so they hold firm to their faith.


The Supreme Court in Iran recently dismissed the request for a retrial of Naser Navard Gol-Tapeh, who is serving a ten-year sentence for his church activities. Pray for Naser who is being held in Evin prison in Tehran.

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