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Release International Prayer Shields, Laos

New Years Eve

On the eve of a new year, let’s commit our lives afresh to Him and renew our commitment to upholding our persecuted family in prayer in the coming year (Hebrews 13:3).


Continue to pray for Phan and Yun, who were rejected and evicted from the family home in Laos after they became Christians recently.


Sri, a Khmu Christian, boldly refused to recant her faith, despite the threat of jail. Pray that Sri’s brave witness will strengthen others’ faith in Laos.


Earlier this year in Laos, officials in a Khmu village ordered 10 Christian families to renounce their faith publicly. Pray for those believers among them who have stopped attending worship services.


Pray that God will strengthen his church in Laos amid sustained persecution. Believers face opposition from officials, relatives and neighbours.

Boxing Day

Not long after Jesus’ birth, the threat of persecution drove His family into exile in Egypt (Matthew 2:13). Pray today that our persecuted family will derive comfort and strength from knowing that the One they follow was also persecuted.

Christmas Day

Today, as we celebrate the miracle of God coming to live in our midst, let’s pray that every one of our persecuted sisters and brothers will experience anew His peace, presence and power to overcome sin and death.

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