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Release International Prayer Shields, Laos and Nigeria.


Thank God for Danjuma who was attacked with machetes, blinded and left for dead by Islamist militants in Nigeria eight years ago. After many operations and extensive rehabilitation, he is now at secondary school. He has forgiven his attackers.


Pray for peace in the run-up to and aftermath of presidential elections in Nigeria next month. Pray that different faith groups will set aside their enmity and commit to religious tolerance.


Only four per cent of the population of Laos are Christians. Pray that God will multiply His church in that nation.


MaLaiWan was thrown out by her family in Laos after she became a Christian at 16. Praise God that her father and siblings became Christians a few years later, after attending her wedding.


Christians in Laos are often persecuted by relatives and officials who are afraid that Christians might ‘offend the spirits’. Pray that entire villages will meet with the Holy Spirit.


Let’s pray for believers in Laos and globally who start the new year with a sense of dread, fearing yet more persecution and harassment. Pray that God will remind them of His unshakeable love.

New Year

On the start of a new year, let’s commit our lives afresh to Him and renew our commitment to upholding our persecuted family in prayer in the coming year (Hebrews 13:3).

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