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Release International Prayer Shields, Laos and Sudan


Pray for believers in southern Laos where officials often demand that they renounce their Christian faith. Failure to do so can result in eviction or having their home demolished.


Thank God for the bold faith of teacher Duang Ma Nee in Laos. He was sent to teach in a remote rural village after his employers discovered he had become a Christian. Despite strong local opposition, he has planted a small church.


There are estimated to be about 1.8 million Christians in Sudan. Pray that the church in Sudan will grow in faith and number.


Some 9.6 million people in Sudan are now food insecure, according to the World Food Programme. Pray God’s provision for Christians who are likely to be at the back of the queue for state support, given their low social status.


Pray for the prompt return of several church buildings confiscated under al-Bashir’s rule. These include a building of the Sudan Interior Church turned into offices for the former National Intelligence and Security Service.


Church leaders in Sudan say there is real need for Arabic-language Bibles among the country’s Christians. Officials recently detained a shipment of Bibles by demanding customs fees ‒ even though by law it should be exempt. Pray that such hurdles are removed.


Pray for Christians in Sudan following a military coup in October. Those behind the coup include a number loyal to the former president, Omar al-Bashir, who imposed stricter Sharia (Islamic law) on Sudan.

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