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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria


In Nigeria, Pastor Habila (yesterdays prayer) reportedly provided Fulani herdsmen and their families with free medical care. Pray that many will reflect on his strong witness to God’s love, and renounce violence.


Pray for the family in Nigeria of Habila Solomon, a pastor and medical doctor, whom Fulani militants killed at his home in Jauro Yinu village, Taraba state, recently. Pray that others will continue his work with the poorest in society.


Thank God that our partners in Nigeria work tirelessly to support and sustain persecuted Christians, including those who survived the attack on Miango (see yesterdays prayer).


More than 50 people were killed in Nigeria by Fulani militants in Miango near Jos, Plateau state. Many more were injured and more than 20,000 residents displaced. Please pray for this traumatised community.


Please continue to pray for an end to the violence against Christians in northern and central Nigeria. Pray that the Government will take seriously its responsibility to protect all of its citizens and end the bloodshed.


Rev Yohanna (yesterdays prayer) played a key role in building a school in Nigeria for indigenous Hausa Christian children, transforming the prospects of youths who would otherwise have been denied an education because of their faith. Thank God for Yohanna’s legacy.


Ask God to provide for the family of Rev Yohanna Shuaibu in Kano state, Nigeria. He was killed and his home destroyed by a mob angry at a murder they believed to have been committed by a recent convert to Christianity.

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