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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria and Eritrea


Please pray for Monday Ali, 29, who is receiving support from our partners in Nigeria. His parents were among 15 people killed in an attack on their village in Niger state; 14 others were kidnapped.


Pray that the Eritrean Government will allow full freedom of belief once again.


Please pray for former prisoner of faith Twen Theodros, who was recently released after 16 years in jail in Eritrea. Thank God for her strong faith and forgiving heart.


Pray for the release of 44 Christians in Eritrea – 39 women and five men – arrested as they gathered in homes recently. They are being held in Mai Serwa prison near Asmara.


Pray for the more than 400 Christians believed to be in jail for their faith in Eritrea.


Pray that the church in Eritrea will grow and be refined in the fire of persecution.


Sovereign Lord, we pray for the Government in Nigeria. May they fulfil their duty to govern justly and provide security for all their people. Give them the courage and political will to tackle radical groups and work for peace and proper representation in all regions of the country.

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