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Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan


Pray for the family of two Christian sisters in Pakistan, Sajida Mushtaq and Abida Qaiser, whose employers in Lahore had allegedly pressured them to convert to Islam. The women were recently found dead.


Church leaders in Pakistan are concerned that government-run refuges where girls such as the 12-year-old above are taken are brainwashing and intimidating them so they refuse to testify against their attackers. Pray for protection and for justice for these girls.


Pray for a 12-year-old Christian girl in Pakistan who was found chained up in the Faisalabad home of a man her family accuses of kidnap and forced conversion. They fear the man will be acquitted after she testified in court that she had married of her own free will.


Continue to pray for teenager Arzoo Raja in Pakistan. The High Court in November reversed its decision to validate her marriage to a Muslim who is alleged to have abducted and forcibly converted her. Please pray that Arzoo will be returned to her family soon.


Police in Kasur are alleged to have witnessed Saleem Masihs torture, and tried to pass it off as an ‘accident’. Pray that the justice system in Pakistan will be rid of discrimination.


Pray for justice for Christian labourer Saleem Masih, 22, killed by landowners in Pakistan who accused him of ‘polluting’ their well near Lahore by washing in it. Two suspects recently freed on bail have reportedly issued death threats to pressure Saleem’s family to drop the case.


Pray for justice for Christian nurse Tabitha Nazir Gill who has been charged with blasphemy in Pakistan after a dispute at work. She challenged a colleague over unethical practices, only to be beaten and falsely accused by other staff members.

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