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Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan


Pray for the acquittal in Pakistan of Christian nurses Mariam Lal and Navish Arooj who were charged with ‘defiling the Koran’ after they followed their supervisor’s instructions to remove Islamic stickers from their hospital in Faisalabad.


Ask God to protect Sajjad Masih Gill who was released on appeal after almost ten years behind bars in Pakistan. His life sentence for blasphemy was converted to a death sentence last year – before his acquittal.


Pakistan’s most senior cleric, Bishop Azad Marshall, has called on the Government to provide ‘justice and protection of Christians’, following Pastor William’s murder. Pray that his call will lead to action.


Pray for Pastor William’s bereaved daughter who also lost her husband in the 2013 attack on All Saints’ Church in Pakistan. She is reported as saying: ‘I praise God and am so proud that I am the daughter of a martyr and the wife of a martyr too.’


In Pakistan, the memorial for Pastor William (yesterday’s prayer) was held at All Saints’ Church which militants attacked in 2013, killing more than 70 people. Ask God to comfort this congregation.


Pastor William Siraj was shot dead as he drove home from a Sunday service in Peshawar city, Pakistan. Pastor Naeem Patrick, travelling with him, was wounded in the attack: another church leader was not harmed. Ask God to comfort William’s family and heal Naeem fully.


Ashfaq Masih, husband of Nabeela, has been in prison in Pakistan for six years after someone accused him of blasphemy during a dispute over money (see Voice magazine, pages 14-15). He has yet to be tried. Pray for his release.

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