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Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan and Egypt


Ask God to bless and protect Marriam (previous Prayer Shield) who has continued the ministry of her late husband, Paulus in Pakistan. Their daughter’s left eye was damaged during a separate attack on her father. Paulus’s son was poisoned to death soon after coming to faith.


Please pray for Marriam and her daughter Sara in Pakistan. Marriam’s husband, Paulus, was hospitalised after his family beat him for rejecting Islam and he later died of sepsis.


Ask God to strengthen His people in Egypt so that they will bring light in the darkness and restore hope.


Thank God for the way Egyptian Christians have been able to express forgiveness and love towards those responsible for attacks such as the bombing of St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Cairo, in 2016.


Pray for believers with a Muslim background in Egypt, whose families and communities often persecute them. Pray especially for Sudanese Christians who have sought safety in Egypt yet still receive death threats for abandoning Islam.


The facilitators in our Strength to Stand groups in Egypt often put themselves at risk to reach out to the women they want to serve. Pray for their protection. Please ask God to heal one facilitator who is being treated for cancer.


Thank God that through Release’s Strength to Stand groups, women in Egypt are learning to be more resilient in their Christian faith and to take the lead in teaching the Bible in their homes.

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