Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan and Iran


Pray that the authorities in Pakistan will take concerted action to end the abduction of Christian young women and girls.


Please continue to pray for the safe return of the many Christian girls in Pakistan who have been abducted, forcibly converted and married to Muslim men. They include ‘Helen’, 22, who disappeared in February, allegedly abducted by neighbours.


Pray that the Government in Pakistan will do more to counter false accusations of blasphemy. Church leaders and rights activists have repeatedly called on the Government to act.


Thank God for brave lawyers such as Saif Ul Malook, who is providing legal help to Fansan’s family. His counsel has overturned the convictions of other Pakistani Christians accused of blasphemy, including Asia Bibi.


Pray for protection and provision for Fansan’s family in Pakistan (previous prayer): they have no means of supporting themselves while he is in custody and fear retaliation.


Cybercrime officials in Pakistan beat and arrested Fansan Shahid at his Lahore home, accusing him of ‘blasphemous comments’ on social media. Pray for his release: his family claim Fansan was tortured and forced to make a false confession.


Pray that God will use prisoners of faith in Iran to minister to their fellow inmates and guards and show His love and compassion.

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