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Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan, India


Pray for justice and freedom for the 24 Christians known to be in prison in Pakistan on blasphemy charges.


Thank God for the recent acquittal on appeal of Shagufta Kausar and her paralysed husband, Shafqat Emmanuel, a Christian couple in Pakistan on death row for blasphemy since 2014. They were accused of sending blasphemous text messages to a Muslim cleric.


Nabeel Masih was detained for more than four years in Pakistan after being charged with blasphemy at the age of 16, for allegedly posting a sacrilegious photo on social media. In 2018 he was sentenced to ten years in prison. Thank God he was recently released on bail until his appeal is heard.


Pray for Pakistani believer Adnan Bashir, a Christian with learning difficulties in Punjab, who was allegedly converted to Islam in return for sherbet. His family have been threatened and told not to force Adnan to reconvert as this would amount to ‘apostasy’.


Please continue to pray for Zafar Bhatti in Pakistan. His appeal hearing against a blasphemy conviction has been adjourned many times. In 2019 a judge said he should be released for lack of evidence.


A new anti-conversion law came into effect in Madhya Pradesh in January. Believers fear this will encourage further persecution against them. Pray such legislation will be repealed in all Indian states where it exists.


The same mob who raided Pastor Dilipsingh’s church in India (see previous prayer shield) then disrupted a service at Pastor Malsingh Meda’s church in a nearby village, attacking church members and pressuring police to arrest 21 of them on suspicion of forcible conversion. Thank God no one was detained.

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