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Release International Prayer Shields, Uganda and China


Uganda’s constitution and law provide for religious freedom, including the right to convert from one faith to another. Pray that religious rights will be upheld across the country.


Pray for the family and friends of Tabiruka Tefiiro, 20, from Kubuku district in Uganda who was killed after converting to Christianity. His father was charged with manslaughter, not murder, because he ‘acted out of anger’.


Pastor Yolonim Oduchu from Pallisa district in Uganda died after being poisoned, allegedly by locals upset by his plans to build a church. Pray for his widow, Mary, and eight children.


Harriet (see yesterday) had kept her faith a secret from her brother for more than 20 years. Pray for encouragement and courage for God’s people in Uganda – and worldwide – who dare not speak His name.


Pray for Harriet in eastern Uganda whose brother attacked her recently after discovering she was a Christian. He was arrested but has since threatened to kill her.


Pray for Najira in Uganda whose Muslim father beat her and forced her to drink mosquito repellent when he learnt that she had left Islam and her abusive husband. She was unconscious for three days but recovered and is now in hiding.


Pray for Christian women Ju Dianghong and Liang Qin who are currently serving prison sentences in China of 13 and ten years respectively for ‘cult activity’. They are detained in a remote facility in Yunnan province more than 1,000 miles from Ju’s home town.

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