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Release International Prayer Shields, Uganda and Iran


Pray for Peace, whose family in Uganda threw her out when she became a Christian at the age of 12. Thank God that her pastor’s family took her in and that she has since been reconciled with her Muslim father.


Please pray that Iran’s leaders will recognise that the Christian community are a force for good.


Behnam Akhlaghi and Babak Hosseinzadeh from Rasht are serving five-year jail sentences in Tehran, for being part of a house church. Pray that the Government in Iran will respond positively to the men’s recent appeal for freedom of worship when they are released.


Continue to pray for Ebrahim Firouzi who has been in jail or exile in Iran for most of the time since his first arrest in 2011. While in exile last year, he was detained on new charges, then released on bail.


Give thanks for Release partner SAT-7 which recently celebrated 25 years of serving the Middle East and North Africa. Pray that its four satellite-TV channels will impact many more lives this year.


Pray that God will be with Sasan Khosravi and Habib Heydari. They were recently told to report to Bushehr Prison in Iran to complete one-year sentences. They were released from jail in February 2021 on furlough.


Pray for Pastor Ramtin Soodmand and his family. They were forced to leave Iran last year – after officials pressured him to front a state-controlled church. His father, Hossein, was executed for apostasy, when Ramtin was still a teenager.

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