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Release International Prayer Shields, Viet Nam and Uganda


Pray that Christians in Vietnam will be like Abraham ‘who did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God’ (Romans 4:20).


Pray for a Christian family from northern Vietnam who have been forced to give their community 100kg of pork to ‘appease the gods’ and stop villagers persecuting them.


Pray that God will work against officials’ attempts to defame evangelicals in their hounding of REM Church in Vietnam (19 January prayer).


Pray for Rev Vo Xuan Loan and her husband, Rev Phuong Van Tan, of Ho Chi Minh City. The couple and 11 other believers in Vietnam have been questioned as part of a criminal case against Revival Ekklesia Mission (REM) Church for its alleged part in a Covid outbreak.


Pray that those responsible for the persecution of Christians in eastern Uganda would turn from their violence and experience God’s forgiveness and new life in Christ.


Pray for the two young men (16 January prayer) to whom Harriet had given sanctuary in Uganda. They have since had to relocate because their relatives are reportedly hunting them down to punish them for leaving Islam.


Harriet Namuganza, aged 83, was hospitalized in Uganda after Islamist extremists attacked her in Iganga district, for giving refuge to two Christian young men who had converted from Islam.

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