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Release International, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan

Sri Lanka

Praise God for a new project supported by Release International that seeks to support pastors who have endured persecution. Pray that the Lord would use this training and mentoring to produce resilient pastors and churches.

Sri Lanka

Pray for our partners who provide legal aid for Christian pastors who have been falsely accused or are being investigated because of their Christian activity.

Sri Lanka

Pray for Release International partners as they work hard to advocate for freedom of religious belief in Sri Lanka. They do this by conducting research, documenting violations and raising awareness.

Sri Lanka

Pastor Rasika Premanjani was converted to Christ from a background that included Buddhism and witchcraft. Pray for her as she seeks to reach out to others from a similar background. She has seen many lives healed and transformed through her faithful witness.

Sri Lanka

Pray for Mr Senarathnia who sustained extensive leg injuries and hearing loss from the 2019 bomb explosions. His legs were broken in four places and he has had 11 operations, but is still not able to work and is dependent on his wife and children.

Sri Lanka

Pray for all those who suffer ongoing trauma that was caused by the bomb blasts at churches at Easter 2019. Please remember especially Mrs Subashini whose husband was killed, leaving her with two children to bring up alone.


A ministry in Bangladesh (see previous day) which seeks to encourage disciples has a vision to build a discipleship-training school. Please pray the leaders would have wisdom as they develop this idea and that God would provide a good plot of land for them to start construction.

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