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Salvation Through childrens' Bibles. Benin President embraces Voodoo. 4 families threatened by villagers.

Bishwas Thapa, a 10-year-old boy who has been regularly attending a children’s fellowship for the last year, received a children’s Bible during a distribution event. His mother, Kamala, was attracted by the colorful pictures and began to read the Bible herself. Through this Bible, both Bishwas and Kamala came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. They, along with three other children who received Bibles, publicly committed their lives to the Lord on September 16, 2023.


The West African nation of Benin is the birthplace of voodoo. Every year on January 10, the country celebrates National Voodoo Day, which includes occultic ceremonies attended by political leaders seeking favor from voodoo shamans. “Voodoo is its name in Benin, but these types of demonic groups can be found throughout West Africa,” a front-line worker said. These groups are sometimes called “secret societies” and have names like the Poro and Bundu in Sierra Leone and the Ogboni in Togo. Members of these groups regularly attack and persecute Christians whom they see as a threat to their dominance. During the 2024 National Voodoo Day event in Benin, the nation’s president sought and received a blessing from a voodoo priest. “Pray that Christians will be protected from these occultic groups and that people in them will come to know Christ and be set free,” the front-line worker said.


KhamKeo placed his trust in Christ after he was healed from gallbladder disease. Eventually, the change in his life caused his wife and children to place their trust in Christ as well. The family began to experience opposition from neighbors and coworkers who noticed that they did not participate in the worship of local spirits. KhamKeo bought land some distance from the village and built a hut there, but the villagers were still unhappy with his family, so they moved again. In 2022, authorities in their new village warned them that their faith was causing division in the village after three other families came to Christ through their witness. These four Christian families have been shunned and verbally attacked, and local authorities have repeatedly threatened them.

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