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.Over 14,000 families in India and Nepal have received aid.

Thank you so much for continuing to pray for and support our brothers and sisters in Asia who are still last in line to receive government aid during the pandemic. Open Doors local partners have now delivered vital food aid to over 13,000 families in India!

Rajan* and Shikha both found themselves in difficult situations due to the lockdown restrictions in India. Neither of them received any income for months, and they didn’t receive any help from the government – but your ongoing prayers and support mean that our local partners were able to deliver the relief aid they needed. Shikha says, “Your organisation has come to our aid and I give thanks for the help through you.”

In Nepal, Open Doors partners have reached over 1,100 families – please pray for them as they cover more difficult terrain over the coming weeks to deliver aid to believers in need.


  • Praise God that, despite the risks and restrictions, aid is still getting through to believers in need

  • For Rajan, Shikha and believers who are struggling financially, that their faith will remain strong and that God will provide everything they need

  • Incidents of violence against Christians in India have been increasing and the degree of violence they face is becoming more serious – please pray for God’s healing and protection.

*Names changed for security reasons


Jordan is a strongly Islamic society. While Christians from the Orthodox and Roman Catholic traditions have greater freedom than converts, they can still face discrimination. Believers from Muslim backgrounds often keep their faith a secret and meet together in underground churches. And yet, the small number of believers from Muslim backgrounds is growing.

Working with local churches and partners, Open Doors supports Christians in Jordan through training programmes along with relief and rehabilitation projects.

A prayer for Jordan

Heavenly Father, thank You for the courageous witness of Pastor Rashad and others like him. Continue to bless his ministry and protect and provide for all those who leave Islam to follow You. Please empower more believers to share the gospel with their family, friends and neighbors, and open hearts and minds to receive Your Spirit and Your salvation. Amen.

With many thanks for your prayers.

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