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Mark 10:48 (NLT)

But he only shouted louder, "Son of David, have mercy on me."

Sometimes, we have to shout to get God's attention. It is not as if God doesn't hear us when we pray. It's more of how desperate we are for God's attention. The people who brought the paralytic to Christ were not discouraged by the crowds. Instead, they climbed onto the roof, punched a hole, and lowered the paralytic through the hole in the ceiling (Mark 2:4-5). Their creativity and ingenuity amazed even the God of creation. In this verse, blind Bartimaeus is not discouraged by the crowd that tells him to shut up. Instead, he shouted even louder. How loud are our prayers? Do we whisper our requests to God? If the Lord has not responded, shout unto God, and loudly.

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