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Supremacy of Christ

2 Chronicles 2:5 (NLV)

because our God is greater than all other gods.... During evangelism or while witnessing to others one question that we commonly encounter is "what is so unique about the Christian God"? Scripture does acknowledge the existence of other "gods" and "deities". I normally point out two differences: 1. Christ denounced all other gods and deities as liars and thieves. No other deity had such audacity an authenticity. 2. Believing other deities doesn't endow us with the blessed Holy Spirit. In fact all other religions are still waiting for the arrival of the Spirit of God. When faced with these two stark contrasts, people are either stunned and yield to the Lord, or call Him a fake. Our evangelism leaves people with no other option, and that's way it should be. People should be forced to an eternal decision. Evangelism that leaves people feeling good without forcing them to decide, is not from the Lord.

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