Temptations in Central America. Prayer for Kenya.


You’re 11 years old, and you’re walking home from school. A man carrying a gun calls you over to him. What do you do?

This wasn’t a new experience for Timóteo in Colombia. Guerrilla fighters were everywhere in his community, always prowling for young recruits. And being a pastor’s kid, he was an especially attractive target.

To get safety and shelter, as well as education and community, Timóteo went to the Open Doors Children’s Centre, a home for persecuted children in Colombia. It’s been a wonderfully transformative experience for him, and now Timóteo wants to help other struggling children.

Your instrumental support helped Timóteo when he stood at a crossroads. Read more about his story and how you can help other children like him.


  • Praise God for the Open Doors partners who work at the Colombia Children’s Centre and the children who have found safety there

  • That God will equip Timóteo and his generation with boldness to proclaim the gospel – even in the face of threats and violence from the guerrillas

  • For God to extend His hand of protection over Colombian Christians, and that He would change the hearts of those who run guerrilla and criminal groups.


Esther – whose name we have changed for security reasons – was born into a Muslim family, but chose to follow Christ after she experienced healing through prayer. But the decision came at tremendous cost: Esther was abandoned by her husband, cut-off by her in-laws, and insulted and even assaulted by her own siblings.

Despite Kenya being a Christian-majority country, Esther’s experience is not unusual; believers from Muslim backgrounds in the northeast and coastal regions live at constant risk of attack.

Meanwhile, al-Shabaab – a growing presence in the country – monitors, attacks and intimidates Christians. Organised corruption and crime is also a serious problem; co-opted officials turn a blind eye to the activities of persecutors, which encourages further acts of persecution.

Find out more about what it's like to be a Christian in Kenya.

A prayer for Kenya

Dear God, give Kenyan believers a fresh revelation of Your love and kindness; may it especially restore and renew all weary souls. Grant Christians under pressure the right words to say, and use them to powerfully soften and convict the hearts of their persecutors. Quell the influence of al-Shabaab and other extremist groups, and root out all crime and corruption in the country. Amen.

With many thanks for your prayers.

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