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The amazing courage of Christians in Nigeria.

‘Because of you, we are living hopeful, thinking of the kingdom of heaven.” —Pastor Andrew in Guyaku village in northern Nigeria

How do you “live hopeful” after your village is attacked and destroyed by Islamic extremists—with all but six houses burned to the ground?

I realized something when I read this story of how Pastor Andrew’s Christian village of Guyaku has risen from the ashes in northern Nigeria. In all honesty, I find it difficult to understand how these families could rebuild their lives in the same place where they almost lost them.

But that’s what God specializes in, right? Bringing hope and restoration to His people who are faithful to walk with Him in and through the fire.

Read this incredible story

Right now, the violence in Nigeria is unthinkable. The reality is that Christians are primary targets of Islamic extremists. These groups aim to cripple the church in Nigeria and eventually put it to death.

Guyaku represents the stories of thousands of Christians across Nigeria who risk their lives to follow Christ.

But still, God moves. He continues to work through His global Church to heal the wounds. Because of your support and prayers, our teams could rush aid and trauma care to the believers of Guyaku village. I hope you’ll take two minutes to read how we have walked so closely with them.

“If you had not come here with your support and trainings, I don’t know how the Christians would have been,” Pastor Andrew shares. “But God brought [Open Doors] at just the right time.”

Don’t miss this truth: What Satan sought to destroy, God has multiplied—through you!

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