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Yemen Church growing. Pray for Uzbekistan.

Updated: May 20, 2020


MOHAMMAD, YEMEN: “THE CHURCH IN YEMEN IS DEFINITELY GROWING”  A secret resistance is growing in Yemen despite the ongoing war: the church. And it’s growing because brave individuals and groups are hearing God’s call and stepping out in faith.   All Yemenis are considered Muslims and leaving Islam is forbidden, so Muslims who decide to follow Jesus risk the death penalty. Knowing they risked their lives, secret believers Mohammad* and Alima* started not one, but four secret house groups in their home.    “I thought I was the only believer in Yemen”: read Mohammad and Alima’s story. “We hope that the Word of God will spread in Yemen and that Yemen will be won by Christ,” Mohammad says. “That is our daily prayer. The church in Yemen is definitely growing. That is what you hear everywhere… We often hear of whole families coming to Christ. Please pray for the Yemeni people.”  PLEASE PRAY:  

  • That the coronavirus would not spread in Yemen, and that relief aid would get through the borders and be distributed fairly and without discrimination

  • That the church in Yemen will continue to grow in faith and boldness, and that God would provide opportunities for believers to be salt and light

  • For God’s peace and healing to be poured out on the nation.  

*Names changed for security reasons 

GOING UNDETECTED IN UZBEKISTAN (#18)  In Uzbekistan, which is number 18 on the World Watch List, Christians are viewed as a threat to the government. The Islamic culture means believers from Muslim backgrounds experience pressure and physical violence from their families and communities to return to their former faith. Known Christians are monitored by police and secret services through bugging homes, tapping phones, and infiltrating church groups.   Open Doors strengthens the persecuted church in Central Asia with Bibles and Christian literature, training, medical care and relief aid.  What’s life like for Christians in Uzbekistan? A prayer for Uzbekistan  Lord Jesus, thank You for our brothers and sisters who are committed to following You in Uzbekistan. Fill their hearts with peace when they encounter difficulties, and give them Your wisdom to overcome trials and persecution. Help them to reach out to the least and the lost with Your love and salvation. Amen.   With many thanks for your prayers.

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