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Youth program leads to Christ. Gospel shared with parents. 11 killed, others injured.

  • Mar. 03, 2022 | Lebanon Brother, Sister Led to Christ Via Youth Program [7] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Betul and her brother. Betul is a young girl who attends a youth program hosted by front-line workers in Lebanon. She and her brother have lived with their grandmother since their father died and their mother left the children when she remarried. Read More.

  • Mar. 03, 2022 | Iran Christian Shares the Gospel with Parents Through Magazine [5] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Young woman in Iran. One Iranian believer has found a creative way to share the gospel with her parents who do not know Christ. Wanting her parents to trust in God, this girl used a VOM-supported Christian magazine to provide opportunities to talk to her parents about Jesus. Read More.

  • Mar. 03, 2022 | Nigeria 11 Christians Killed, Others Injured in Attack [4] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Christians grieving lost family. Militant Fulani Muslims attacked a village in southern Kaduna state on Jan. 30, killing 11 Christians and burning most of the homes in the village. Read More.

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