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Crackdown on Churches

Jan. 18, 2024 | Algeria​

[72] prayers in [7] nations have been posted for Algerian Christians.In 2019, the Algerian government permanently closed many churches, and several others that closed temporarily during the pandemic have not been allowed to re-open. "Many believers have gone for months or even years without gathering with their brothers and sisters in Christ," a front-line worker said. While Christians in Algeria are receiving biblical training via the internet and Arabic Christian satellite TV channels, relying on the internet and other media sources can leave them vulnerable to false teaching and manipulation. Read More.

·         Jan. 18, 2024 | India​

[47] prayers in [4] nations have been posted for Angira.Bibles and SD cards that contain Bibles as well as other Christian materials are having a profound impact in India. One recipient, Angira, said, "I received an SD card that would change our lives. As we began listening to its contents, we discovered the teachings of Jesus Christ, which resonated deeply within us. Eventually, we made the decision to embrace our faith and received baptism. Today, we are proud members of the local church, actively engaging with our community by sharing the gospel with others." Read More.

·         Jan. 18, 2024 | Korea, North​

[49] prayers in [4] nations have been posted for Mr. K.

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