Forbidden to see daughter. Swindler converts. Beaten and imprisoned by Hindu village.

Widow Forbidden to See Daughter Because of Faith in Christ

[8] prayers in [1] nation have been posted for Yvette Oulai.

Yvette's Muslim in-laws have refused to allow her access to her daughter because of her Christian faith.

Yvette Oulai's husband was a Christian pastor before he died seven years ago from an unknown illness. After his death, his Muslim family members took Yvette's youngest daughter away from her and refuse to allow Yvette contact with her daughter. Read More.

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JUN. 30, 2022 | TURKEY

Former Swindler Now a Front-Line Worker

Nurettin first heard the gospel when a church planter shared Christ with him in 2007. At the time, Nurettin seemed interested only as a means to emigrate to Europe, but the gospel worker gave Nurettin a Bible and saved his phone number. A few months later, the church planter visited Nurettin's city again and accidentally called him. Read More.

JUN. 30, 2022 | INDIA

Church Leaders Beaten, Arrested After Visiting Christian in Hindu Village

Pastor Kuriachan; his wife, Selin; and their assistant pastor, Manikanta, were beaten and arrested the evening of May 17. The attack occurred after they had visited another Christian's house in a nearby Hindu village. Read More.

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