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Release International Prayer Shields, Nigeria and Pakistan

Nigeria Pray for Bitrus Nkuru, a young man from Plateau state, Nigeria, whose father was killed by Fulani militants and whose mother died six months later of what he describes as ‘shock and a broken heart’.

Pakistan Pray all charges will be dropped against Ishtiaq Saleem from Islamabad who was detained on blasphemy charges in November for allegedly posting on social media images sacrilegious to Islam, claims he denies.

Pakistan Thank God for the courage of a Christian security guard at Karachi airport, who insisted on following regulations. Her boss threatened to accuse her of blasphemy after she denied access to a friend of his who was not carrying the correct documents.

Pakistan Please ask God to heal Sunita Masih, 19, from Karachi. A suitor threw acid on her after she refused to accept his advances or convert to Islam.

Pakistan In Renala, Punjab province, Pakistan, Christian Allah Ditta was shot dead by people he accused of stealing from his orchard. Pray for his family: Allah’s killers have threatened to kill them if they go to the police.

Pakistan Pray for the family in Pakistan of farm worker Emmanuel Masih who was beaten to death in Punjab, allegedly by Muslim men who accused him of stealing oranges.

Nigeria O Lord our Shield, we pray for Ladi Chohu and her family whose home was destroyed when militants attacked their village in Nigeria. We thank You that they have been able to return to their village. We pray that You will heal them from the trauma they experienced and protect them from future attacks.

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Release International Prayer Shields

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