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Release International Prayer Shields, Pakistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia


Pray for Christians in Pakistan, especially those with a Muslim background, who endure frequent threats and the ever-present possibility of attack.


Access to Bibles is poor in Ethiopia, often due to poverty. When a Release International associate ministry asked a large congregation how many needed a Bible, most raised their hands. Pray that access to Bibles and a hunger for God’s word will continue to grow.


Tigray in Ethiopia is one of the areas worst affected by the drought that has ravaged East Africa this year. Pray that God will use His persecuted people there to spread hope and a desire for the gospel.


In Aksum, Tigray, Eritrean troops allied to the Ethiopian Government reportedly killed at least 78 priests in November 2020. Continue to pray for the church in this area; that God will raise up new leaders and strengthen His people.


Pray for believers in the Tigray region of Ethiopia who are being caught up in the conflict between separatists and government troops. Church leaders have been a particular target.


Despite Ethiopia being considered a majority-Christian country, believers suffer harassment by traditional Christians and radical Islamists. Pray that God will build unity across Christian denominations.


Thank God that Christianity continues to grow in Eritrea. Pray that God will multiply daily the numbers of those being added into His church family there.

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