Pastor may face charges. Workers sent for harvest. 42 arrested.

  • Aug. 25, 2022 | Central Asia Pastor Facing Possible Charges for Unregistered Churches [4] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Pastor Abdulla. In Central Asia, many Christians gather in unregistered house churches because it is almost impossible to get a church legally registered. Read More.

  • Aug. 25, 2022 | Mexico "Houses of Refuge" Sending Workers to the Harvest [4] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for Pablo. In Chiapas, Mexico's southernmost state, Christian families often lose their livelihood when those opposed to their faith confiscate their land and expel them from their village. A ministry called Houses of Refuge provides one-room homes with a porch and outhouse for such families, and they may stay for up to a year as they try to relocate in an area where they can live free of persecution. Read More.

  • Aug. 25, 2022 | Eritrea Forty-Two Christians Arrested [4] prayers in [2] nations have been posted for arrested Christians. During the last week of May 2022, Eritrean police arrested 17 Christians who had gathered for prayer. Read More.

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